are you loathsome tonight?


Yo I found a bag of weed on the ground near brixton a few hours ago did anyone drop it?

signal boost

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hannah and jo are morphing into one super-powerful being and it will take me seeing them as separate entities in the same room at soap’s this weekend to believe otherwise and even then i’ll still be suspicious

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i’m really glad viper has become a meme because a) viper’s career is so vast that it’s pretty much impossible to run viper into the ground from the sheer amount of original content he provided us with and b) every time i read the phrase “what’s up with” i hear it in viper tonesĀ 

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ok i don’t watch oitnb but why do people who know (should know?) not to romanticise unhealthy/dangerous relationships keep reblogging that gifset of the stalker lady from oitnb talking about love all the God Damned timeĀ 

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Sorry for the extremely lengthy post on your dashes but this is so important

The world is watching, White America.


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i have such a deep-rooted fondness for south park like the fact that it’s managed to maintain a fairly consistent level of quality for nearly two decades taken with how frequently it manages to be oddly touching or surprisingly incisive is really impressive and then there’s also just jokes like saying venice’s canals are filled with pee and i can’t imagine that not being close to my heart

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You’re Brave - Sleaford Mods

i'm a connoisseur, i've conned you, sir.
nicked your biscuits, laughed with your mates
wanked in your toilet -
you fucking tit-rifle.
turn this wannabe inner-city-angst shit off,
you're in the presence of toiletry!
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I mean, yes vote all the way but what if there’s like an embargo on all the obscure non-irn-bru barr’s drinks? I already have to cross the border to get red cola what if all the bubblegum and pineappleade and most importantly the luminous Halloween slimeade get cut off? Can you get e-number withdrawal?

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